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We proud our selected menu items. Please enjoy our specialty homemade sweets!

Nishiyama special Anmitsu

Shiratama, fruits, homemade ice creams toped with sweet strained azuki bean paste and whole sweet azuki bean paste. We offer special Anmitsu for you who want to eat all toppings we offer.  (845 yen)

Shiratama Matcha cream zenzai

The excellent qualities of azuki beans made in Hokkaido Tokachi are cooked slowly for 3 days. Homemade rice-flour dumplings and a flavorful Matcha (finely milled Japanese green tea) ice cream is the best match in moderately sweet azuki bean soup.   (745 yen)

Anko toast with ice cream

The sliced breads that buy direct from that famous bakery in Asakusa toast well until fragrant, then Nishiyama’s Anko (sweet azuki bean paste) spreads on the toast. The taste of melting Matcha and vanilla ice creams with the toast is outstanding match.  (700 yen)

Tori-Zosui (Chicken rice gruel)

After receiving your order, we cook Tori-Zosui in an earthenware pot one by one. The hearty gruel and fluffy egg in an enriched chicken soup stock make you feel warm.  (773 yen)

Fuku-Fuku Manju + Sencha (a well-known brand of green tea: Aoba)

Please enjoy fresh and hot Fuku-Fuku Manju with 'Aoba' green tea - a well-known brand tea from ‘Suiseien’ tea estate in Shizuoka.  (464yen)

Fuku-Fuku Manju + Coffee

 (555 yen)

About well-known sencha tea brand: 'Iori' and 'Aoba'

Our green teas come directly from ‘Suiseien’ tea estate in Shizuoka where located near the upstream in clear stream - Okitsu River. The estate’s surroundings are rich in nature and mists often hang the place. The tea leaves are growing under full of sunlight and fresh air, and raised by clean water.


'Iori' - The tea made from the first growing leaves and steamed slightly deep. The process makes the tea has refreshingly mellow taste of the season.


'Aoba' - The tea made from the full growing leaves and steamed deep. It has refreshingly sweet taste and savory flavor.

    (price without tax)

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