Selected Ingredients

We are very careful and selective about our ingredients.

Ice cream   The shop owner makes our homemade ice cream by himself. We use the original blend of milk, fresh cream, sugar and the other ingredients for our ice cream without using ready-made mixed ones. The ice cream is rich in flavor and taste. By contrast, the sweetness doesn’t linger in the mouth too much after the ice cream starts to melt smoothly that makes the ice cream very refreshing.

  • Azuki: We use slowly cooked organic-grown Kenkou-azuki beans from Hokkaido Tokachi.
  • Matcha: We use an excellent high quality Matcha that is rich in taste, flavor and color.
  • Vanilla: We use genuine vanilla beans that are rich in flavor.

Matcha - finely milled Japanese green tea   Kyoto Uji is famous for Match. On the other hand, Nishio Matcha from Nishio City in Aichi has very high quality, too. Nishio Matcha has excellent fine texture and outstanding quality because of the finely milled process by granite grindstone. We buy directly the Matcha from ‘Nanzanen’ that has own tea estate in Nishio City. Enjoy the Matcha that is outstandingly rich in taste, flavor and color.

Kanten - Japanese gelatin   It was made from high quality of agar weed coming from Kozu Island and the other Seven Islands of Izu. It has spongy and chewy texture and excellent flavor of the sea.

Kuromitsu – Sweet black syrup   It is made from authentic Okinawa black sugar and has simple, plain and moderately sweet taste. Pour Kuromitsu over Anmitsu or Mitsumame before eating.

Koori - Ice   Our shaved ice made from a large block of ice that buys directly from an ice shop. The shaved ice has smooth and fluffy texture and plain taste. Please enjoy our shaved ice with homemade syrup and azuki bean paste.

Shiratamako - Rice flour for Shiratama (rice–flour dumplings)   We use ‘Bessei Gozen-Shiratamako’ made by a well-known brand ‘Tamasan’ for our Shiratama. Immediately removed Shiratama from a pot, the boiled dumplings are cooled in ice water to enhance the texture. Please enjoy the resilient yet smooth texture of Shiratama.

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