Nishiyama's Antiques

Our warehouse is located on the backside of 'Nishiyama Sweets.' The warehouse endured for more than 150 years without being burned down in the Great Kanto Earthquake disaster and the Great Tokyo Air Raids during the World War II. We would like to introduce our antiques from the warehouse little by little, which tell us something about society and life form the past.


  1. Gaidan-Roku: The seven books illustrated mysterious stories and incidents of the streets around Asakusa area at Ansei era (1854~1860).
  2. Oboegaki-Chou: Business record books written by the third generation owner, Shoukichi Nishiyama
  3. Machi-hikeshi and Kamon Zuban: Illustrated lexicons show artistic designs on Hikeshi coats and Matoi flags, and family crest designs for traditional firefighters since Edo period.
  4. Jishin-no-Ben: Woodblock printing newspaper about highly topical news. People believed earthquakes happened when a dragon moved until the mid Edo period. A dragon was depicted around the Japanese map. 
  5. Inrou: The Japanese traditional metal pillbox, which can divided into six pieces. A dragon carved  Netsuke ornament attached the end of the string.
  6. Hanten: Our family crest is shown on the back of the Hanten. It was made before the Meiji period. The crest is called ‘Masu-ni-Kakibou’ and illustrates a grain measure and a leveled stick to flat the surface of grain.


2-19-10 Kaminarimon, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 111-0034, JAPAN 

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