Please enjoy our Japanese traditional homemade sweets!

Fuku-Fuku Manju

*Manju is a Japanese traditional steamed cake filled with Anko.

*Fuku means fortune in Japanese. 'Anko' / 'An' means sweet azuki bean paste in Japanese.

・Fuku-Fuku Manju with Japanese green tea 'Aoba'                            

  417 yen

・Fuku-Fuku Manju with coffe

  500 yen
・Fuku-Fuku Manju at over-the-counter sale    130 yen / each
    (price without tax)

Over-the-counter sale

We offer our specialty sweets - 'Fuku-Fuku Manju' and 'Homemade ice creams' - over-the-counter sale. 

・Asakusa komachi sweet azuki bean paste  in a Rice Monaka   176 yen
・Matcha ice cream topped with sweet azuki bean paste served        370 yen
・Ice cream served in a paper cup   278 yen
・Monaka corn ice cream (Matcha / Azuki / Vanilla)   278 yen
・Fuku-Fuku Manju   

130 yen

   (price without tax)

Mitsumame・Anmitsu / Homemade ice creams

・Mitsumame  (a boiled beans, agar cubes and other delicacies with sweet black syrup)         463 yen
・Anmitsu  (Mitsumame with Anko)   556 yen
・Cream Anmitsu  (Anmitsu with ice cream)   

630 yen

・Matcha Cream Anmitsu  (Anmitsu with green tea ice cream)   648 yen
・Shiratama Anmitsu (Anmitsu with rice-flour dumplings )    648 yen
・Shiratama Cream Anmitsu  (Anmitsu with rice-flour dumplings and ice cream)    722 yen

・Nishiyama Special Anmitsu  (Anmitsu with all toppings)

  750 yen
・Vanilla ice cream   407 yen
・Azuki  (azuki bean paste)  ice cream   426 yen
・Matcha  (green tea) ice cream   426 yen
・Uji-kintoki ice cream  (Matcha ice cream with sweet azuki bean paste)   537 yen
・Azuki Kintoki ice cream  (Azuki ice cream with sweet azuki bean paste)   537 yen
   (price without tax)

Oshiruko・Zenzai / Light meals / Drinks

・Shiratama Zenzai  (a thick, sweet soup with rice-flour dumplings)        556 yen
・Oshiruko  (a sweet porridge of azuki beans boiled with rice-flour dumplings)            556yen
・Shiratama Cream Zenzai  (Shiratama Zenzai with ice cream)   630 yen
・Shiratama Maccha Cream Zenzai  (Shiratama Zenzai with green tea ice cream)     648 yen
・Oden     528 yen

   (an earthenware pot of a sliced daikon radish , sliced konnyaku (konjac gel) cakes,

    a hard- boiled egg, processed fish balls,and other ingredients are slowly

    simmered in soy sauce based soup.)


・Oden set with Yukari rice   630 yen
・Anko toast with ice cream   602 yen
・Tori-Zosui  (chicken rice gruel)   676 yen
・Sencha (a well-known brand of green tea: Iori)   417 yen
・Coffee   398 yen
・Iced Coffee  

426 yen

・Coffee float  

500 yen

・Cream soda (Soda float)   463 yen
   (price without tax)

*You can add a drink (Sencha / coffee) for 194 yen when you order a sweets menu or light meal.

*You can add a manju for 130 yen when you order more than one dish.

    (price without tax)

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